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Robert Newhouse Jersey
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There are different sort of rivalries that all NFL teams have and the Dallas Cowboys are no exception.Obviously La'el Collins Color Rush Jersey , you’ve got the division rivalries. Nobody likes the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, or Philadelphia Eagles. We’ll never like them and we’re fine with that reality being the way things work forever.There are also a few other teams that Cowboys fans aren’t fond of. Squads like the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and Green Bay Packers. There’s history there.The Seattle Seahawks don’t quite fall into any of these categories but there’s definitely a cosmic sort of connection between them and the Cowboys, at least over the last decade or so. They met in the playoffs following the 2006 season and everybody knows what happened. Tony Romo bobbled it as the Cowboys lost Robert Newhouse Jersey , then Romo proceeded to have a long career and in a twist of fate saw that career end on the very same turf where the bobble occurred in the Pacific Northwest. Dallas also lost to Seattle on Christmas Eve back in 2017 in an effective playoff game. It ensured the first “meaningless” game of the Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott era, and after the game the following offseason was kicked into overdrive before it ever began when Earl Thomas chased down Jason Garrett imploring him to “go get him” if he had the chance. There’s something between the Cowboys and Seahawks, so we discussed it all in this week’s video preview on the official BTB YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it right here and let’s add a chapter in this relationship that we don’t cringe at when we look back. It’s not completely clear why Raiders head coach Jon Gruden decided to trade away wide receiver Amari Cooper, but we do know one thing for sure: Gruden thought Cooper was a smart pick at the time the Raiders drafted him.We know that because Gruden was working the draft for ESPN, and with the Raiders on the clock, Gruden said Cooper was the guy they should take.“They have a young quarterback Daryl Johnston Color Rush Jersey , Derek Carr, and he can throw the football. I think they have to address the skill positions,” Gruden said while the Raiders were on the clock in 2015. “They need to get Amari Cooper, I think. Put him in this offense with Derek Carr and light people up throwing the ball down the field.”After the Raiders did, in fact, take Cooper , Gruden compared him to a Hall of Fame wide receiver Gruden coached in his first stint in Oakland.“He’s like a young Tim Brown, the natural,” Gruden said. “I like the direction that the Oakland Raiders are going.”The Raiders took the player Gruden said they should take, and Gruden got the chance to coach him. That lasted six games. Now Gruden will hope he can get someone else he likes with the Cowboys’ first-round pick in 2019.

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