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Luck isn’t just back on the field, he’s been putting togeth
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Сообщение Luck isn’t just back on the field, he’s been putting togeth 
For Indianapolis Colts’ fans Malik Hooker Jersey , the return of Andrew Luck to the field this season would have been enough within itself to have optimism. But, a pro after returning from shoulder surgery that kept him out of the 2017 season altogether.Luck has his best completion rate of his career to this point at 67.9 percent, his best touchdown percentage of 6.5 percent, is on pace to eclipse his career-best of 40 touchdowns, and has been hitting his best quarterback rating (98.9) as well.In November, Luck was recognized by the NFL as the AFC’s offensive player of the month with his impressive production, and now Pro Football Focus has given the Colts’ signal-caller the same acknowledgment. Luck put up 9 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions Quincy Wilson Color Rush Jersey , had a completion rate of 77.9 percent and compiled 925 passing yards (308 passing yards per game), in leading the team to a 31.3 point per game average and going 3-0 in November. Here is what PFF had to say about their decision to give the honor to Luck:Luck took only a single sack in November which absolutely helped his ability to read the field and deal to his receivers, but didn’t have a dominant running game to give him much of an assist. The Colts averaged only 3.9 yards per rush (301 rushing yards/3 games) after their previous two games, alone, netted them 442 rushing yards.Luck’s Week 13 performance appears to be nothing but a blip at this point when looking at his season production, thus it’s more than fair to assume that he’ll return to form down the stretch of the final four games of the season which the Colts desperately need. In 2001, Bill Polian invested in the 30th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts selected Reggie Wayne, a receiver out of Miami. Little did they know they’d end up with fourteen years Skai Moore Color Rush Jersey , 14,345 yards, 82 touchdowns and a football legend. Here is a roundup of five of Reggie Wayne’s best moments in the NFL. 5. 2014 was Wayne’s last NFL season. In week nine against the Giants, Andrew Luck tossed a perfect 40 yard ball downfield to Wayne, giving him perfect clearance into the end zone for his last career touchdown. 4. In 2009, the Colts faced the Patriots in a late season shot at the playoffs. In the last minute of the game, Peyton Manning tossed a one yard ball to Reggie Wayne in the end zone for a touchdown, a victory against New England and a playoff appearance that would eventually lead them to the Super Bowl. 3. Though this game against the Giants was in the preseason , Wayne’s incredible catch has to be recognized. Andrew Luck threw deep right in a pass meant for Wayne that was almost intercepted by Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle. The ball slipped out of the defender’s hands just in time for Wayne to catch it for a touchdown. 2. The 2006 AFC Championship game in Indianapolis was the victory that secured the Colts’ spot in Super Bowl XLI to play Chicago. In the fourth quarter versus the Patriots, Reggie Wayne caught Peyton Manning’s 14 yard pass that set up Joseph Addai to score the game-winning touchdown. 1.In the first quarter of Super Bowl XLI, Peyton Manning lobbed a 53 yard ball to a wide open Reggie Wayne, leaving him undefended to walk into the end zone. The Colts defeated the Bears 29-17 for their second Super Bowl win. Thank you, 87, for 14 great years. We honor you.

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