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D-Link router port forwarding graphics tutorial
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Сообщение D-Link router port forwarding graphics tutorial 
D-Link router port forwarding graphics tutorial
The port forwarding function gives the Internet users access to the user's LAN privileges. This function is useful for hosts that are used for online services, such as FTP, web pages, or game servers. Each entry can define a common port or port range on Huawei Hg8040H Gpon Modem to switch to the internal LAN IP address and the LAN port.

port forwarding parameter interpretation:

name - assigns a meaningful name to the virtual server, such as Web Server. Some commonly used virtual server types can be found in the " the common program NOUN " the drop-down menu. Select one of these entries and fill in the remaining parameters with the standard values of the class server.

D-Link Gpon Terminal Huawei Hg8245 port forwarding set

IP address - your internal network will provide the IP address of virtual service system, such as You can choose a computer from the DHCP client in the " the computer name " the drop-down menu; or you can also manually enter a server's IP address.

application name - a predefined frequently used application name. Users can be configured quickly.

computer name - DHCP client list.

protocol type - Protocol for selecting service usage. The common choices are &mdash, UDP, TCP and any — can be selected from the drop down menu. To specify other protocols, select " from the list; other " and then enter the corresponding protocol name in the protocol dialog box.

Private Ports - ports that will be used in intranets.

common port - the port

that will be accessed via the Internet: set up intranet FTP and WEB server on DIR-605. The port forwarding function is similar to the virtual server function of the DI-504 Huawei High End Router Ne5000E.

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