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Stainless steel price
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Сообщение Stainless steel price 
Stainless steel price304 hot-rolled, the mainstream market price of 12,900 yuan / ton, the individual yesterday's price cut back today, such as Zhang Pu offer up 200, TISCO has rebounded after 400 phenomenon; narrow band performance same, yesterday Dingxin down 100, yesterday Back to 100, reported 12,400 yuan / ton.304 stainless steel sheet&coil304 cold-rolled, today are 100-200 yuan / ton hike, a few days after the price drop after a drop, a sign of trouble immediately back up.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesStainless steel material a day a price, the market appears a steady price, confidence to return to immediate price increases, psychological plans can never keep up with price changes. According to peer media cost accounting, today's steel 304 cold rolling costs 13800, the mainstream transaction price of 13200, a loss of 600 yuan / ton; the other has recently experienced a round of price increases, the market relative to a few months ago the inventory is still relatively low Of it, based on shipments may not raise prices at any time some price, but a little support will immediately price increases.30mm diameter 304 stainless steel round bar weightA few days ago the price rise, and before the price does not want to rise, such as 201 hot-rolled, and if the price. Do the spot market we look at futures, spot price changes more and more similar to the futures, which is simply a torture, borrow friends circle words: tell you a particularly horrible ghost story, today the price of stainless steel roseПоставка круглого прутка из нержавеющей стали 309 с стержнем

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